Turf One is one of Australia’s leading sports field construction contractors. We specialise, not only in the design and construction of synthetic turf sports fields and sports courts, but also design and construct natural grass sports fields. We are the sole agents in Australia for Field Turf, the global leader in artificial turf.

A word from our managing director - Lyndon Joslyn.

“Sports field construction in Australia is at a crossroad. Although there are many newcomers in the industry, they lack the experience, or perhaps the motivation, to provide successful outcomes for their clients.

Turf One is founded on two generations of experience in civil works, and our ambition now is to lift the bar on every single aspect of sports field construction, thereby becoming recognised Australia-wide as the leader in the field.
To ensure we achieve this goal, we have resourced Turf One, firstly, with highly experienced personnel and, secondly, with state-of-the-art equipment.

But we also understand that progress can’t be made without constant improvement in every aspect of our business. By supporting innovation we stimulate creative solutions that will improve the safety of our sporting surfaces and reduce our clients’ exposure to risk.

Our sole motivation for entering sports field construction (offering superior synthetic surfaces for any sporting event) was to deliver a quality product that complimented the high quality and standards we have achieved in our civil business in the past. In this we are already being successful”.

We go for 100 percent customer satisfaction

Turf One is committed to providing the highest level of workmanship and after sales support, and to achieving 100 per cent satisfaction for every client we work with.

The buck always stops with us

Our highly trained and motivated employees are committed to executing their duties both thoroughly and conscientiously.

Quality control and integrity

We are committed to operational excellence in every aspect of our business – from start to finish, from estimating to contract management, from scheduling to installation; and we are dedicated to continuous process improvement.

Commitment to our Environment

Turf One is aware of the importance of environmental protection, and we are committed to implementing appropriate measures to limit pollution and damage during the course of our day-to-day business.

Our aim is to minimise all on-site and off-site environmental impacts during the course of demolition, earthmoving, construction or other operations. This includes the effective control of sediment, dust, litter and noise that may be generated as a result of our activities.

All Turf One employees and subcontractors support the company in this goal, and understand the potential impacts of construction, demolition and recycling activities on the environment. They receive appropriate training in environmental protection while the company as a whole works towards a responsible and sustainable development strategy.