Natural Grass Oval to AFL standard for North Melbourne


Aegis Oval, Arden St. North Melbourne, VIC.

Turf One was awarded the contract for the design and reconstruction of the Aegis Oval to the exacting standards of the AFL and North Melbourne Football Club’s requirements for its upgraded training facility, which will match the dimensions of the club’s home ground at the Etihad Stadium.

Irrigated Santa Ana couch will be planted on a 300mm depth of imported sandy loam, overlaying a 100mm depth of drainage aggregate and an extensive sub-surface drainage system.

Turf One has employed its extensive range of GPS laser controlled equipment to place over 8,000 cubic metres of material to millimetre accuracy.

The company has also implemented a rigorous environmental management program for the duration of the works in order to contain significant levels of contamination discovered in the sub-soil.

The project will be completed in time for the planting of the turf in December 2012.