Turf One and FieldTurf: A WINNING COMBINATION.

Turf One is one of Australia’s leading constructors of sports fields. Field Turf is the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic turf. Put the two companies into partnership and you have a winning, if not unbeatable, combination.

Turf One decided to distribute Field Turf in Australia because we were looking for a first class product that would both complement and live up to our own first class construction standards. We found it.

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Since starting out in 1985, Field Turf has grown to become the biggest and the best sports surfacing business in the world, with more than 7,000 fields to its credit.

The company is a division of Tarkett, the French based leader in commercial flooring, so Field Turf and its clients, worldwide, are backed by unprecedented financial and manufacturing resources.

Since Field Turf revolutionised the synthetic turf industry by installing the first ever artificial surface to attain FIFA recommended status, the company has supplied surfacing systems for more FIFA recommended pitches than any other manufacturer.

It has installed hundreds of football fields throughout the US. It is also the only grass manufacturing company that provides a third party insured warranty, along with an expert manager whose sole responsibility is to ensure that each installation is carried out to the very highest industry standards.

What’s so good about FieldTurf?

Firstly, Field Turf is uniquely engineered to play and feel like natural grass. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference. The surface is stable, firm, uniform in traction, and neither spongy, nor abrasive.

Field Turf’s fibres are soft and easy to slide on. They’re surrounded and stabilised by the company’s state-of-the-art, patented artificial earth. This is composed of a mixture of smooth, rounded silica sand and crumbed rubber particles, engineered to stay in a state of suspension, and so provide many, many years of first class biomechanics, shock absorbency and durability.

Our Field Turf partner is rightly proud of its innovative record, and its many significant firsts in the world of artificial sports surfaces. Field Turf was first to be selected by an English premiership team, to host both a FIFA soccer tournament and a World Cup final, and first to host a UEFA Cup qualifying match.

Field Turf was also first to attain both FIFA recommended 1-star and 2-star status, as well as attain FIFA recognition in Australia. It was first to be installed in an NFL stadium and NCAA stadium, and first to be installed in a Pro Bowl and SuperBowl.

That’s an impressive list of firsts.