Sport is a key part of school and college life. At Turf One, we understand the benefits of providing excellent on-campus sporting facilities. This might be a flagship field or oval, a flexible and functional multi-sport space, or something as simple as transforming a tired and difficult corner of the playground into a vibrant and versatile space. Turf One can offer a full scope of options to improve the sports facility component of your learning environment and enhance your educational offering.



An elite Turf One playing surface will allow you to maximise your sporting potential. We are a leading sports field contractor with close links to the world’s leading manufacturers, including FieldTurf and Beynon, global leaders in the development and manufacturing of synthetic surfaces. Our design engineers work with you to identify the sports surface that can contribute most to your players and athletes realising their full potential.


While our heritage is in earthworks and engineering design, our passion is in delivering quality sports surfaces for our clients. Our business is based on an ISO accredited management approach to ensure we always comply with Safety, Quality and Environmental standards. Turf One has developed repeatable processes and systems to ensure we build to exacting quality standards, and deliver projects on time, every time.


While athletes and coaches focus on how a surface plays, operations managers and ground staff see performance in terms of durability, longevity and maintenance cost. We design the underlying groundworks to last at least two or three times the lifespan of the finished sports surface layer. This means you can be confident in resurfacing a Turf One project in the years to come without the need to re-engineer or reconstruct the underlying drainage and base works.


At Turf One, environmental responsibility is a key component of every project. We implement appropriate measures to promote positive environmental impacts across all aspects of our business. Our designs utilise sustainably sourced natural products and recycled materials. Our design engineers can identify sustainable water management opportunities that may be inherent in your project and we can help you unlock these benefits.