Synthetic Surfaces has it's advantages. It offers superior natural grass aesthetics, is exceptionally durable and, thanks to less skin friction and abrasion, is one of our most comfortable playing solutions: soft and player-friendly yet ideal for ball-surface interaction. Also, the synthetic surface eliminates the use of millions of tonnes of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides, used on natural grass, that can run off into ground water.


Consultation is the crucial first stage of the design and specification process. In a two way conversation we are able to develop a clear understanding of your needs and aspirations and at the same time it will allow us to propose potential design solutions and impart knowledge of the most suitable products. From preliminary budget estimates to the calculation of final itemised project costings, we are able to keep you informed of the total project cost.

Through partnering with FieldTurf, Turf One is able to draw on the expertise of the world’s most experienced player in the synthetic turf industry to augment the considerable experience of its own design team.

Sports fields designed and specified by Turf One are designed literally from the ground up. Turf One team with geotechnical and civil engineers experienced in this specialised field and with knowledge of local conditions and regulations.

Design parameters including rainfall intensity, frequency and duration; the capacity of existing drainage infrastructure; surface and sub-surface conditions; survey data and your specific requirements are all utilised to ensure that your field is designed and specified to deliver exceptional performance.


Turf One brings years of experience in sports field construction to each new project. Investment in a large fleet of laser (and GPS) controlled earthmoving equipment frees Turf One from reliance on sub-contractors and ensures that its fields can be built quickly, accurately and in the most cost efficient manner. All steps in the construction process are subject to inspection and testing to ensure adherence to a project specific quality assurance plan.


Turf One knows how quality is important to any sports. That's why we use FieldTurf products in our synthetic projects. FieldTurf is the world leader in synthetic turf innovation is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for its leadership in quality, environment and safety management systems. Certifications were given to FieldTurf by the British Standards Institute (BSI) Group.

In comparison to natural grass and other turf systems, FieldTurf has proven to be the best investment time. Whether your main concern is long-term savings, athlete safety, field performance and durability, or environmental issues, FieldTurf has set the standard. With a list of engineered products tailored to the specific needs of our clients, all of FieldTurf’s innovative synthetic turf products have proven to outperform and outlast other turf systems in the marketplace.



The benefits of using synthetic FielTurf are many:



Turf One has made a significant investment in personnel and equipment to ensure that its fields are installed in accordance with the exacting standards specified by FieldTurf. The installation crew are very experienced, having installed literally hundreds of synthetic surfaces, both in Australia and overseas. The crew has received further direct training from FieldTurf accredited installers in Australia and on FieldTurf projects in the USA in order to receive accreditation from FieldTurf.

Installation techniques developed by FieldTurf differ markedly from those employed by others. Sewn seams; the use of shears and hot melt adhesives to install line work on top of the backing; and a highly prescriptive infilling procedure all require special skills. The installation process is closely monitored and subject to a rigorous quality assurance inspection and testing plan.

Specialised equipment including materials handling equipment, sewing machines, shears and hot melt applicators, spreading and grooming equipment is required for the installation.


Turf One’s maintenance crew is trained to deliver all aspects of the FieldTurf’s ‘FieldCare’ program. The maintenance program is geared towards making synthetic turf field systems perform at their optimal level.

The FieldCare program includes field inspections and regular maintenance and preparation of comprehensive field reports. This program is the best way for Turf One clients to ensure they are protecting their investment and to ensure the long-lasting high performance that has become synonymous with FieldTurf.

Turf One currently has maintenance contracts across VIC and NSW. It has maintained all of these fields since they were first installed. Current maintenance contracts normally run for three years. Maintenance schedules are planned twelve months in advance and in consultation with each facility manager. We endeavour to co-ordinate the timing of service visits to avoid conflict with field bookings.

Whilst the maintenance of synthetic turf certainly demands less time and financial expenditure than natural grass, there are procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure that the field continues perform at its optimum and that maximum life is obtained from the surface. Alternatively, our clients have the option to maintain the field themselves.

To facilitate this option Turf One can provide training to maintenance personnel nominated by the client in the approved scheduled maintenance procedures mandated by FieldTurf. Turf One will also provide clients with a list of the specialised equipment required to undertake maintenance of the synthetic turf upon request.